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We believe halal investing is too complex. Too much to learn, too little transparency, too expensive. We built Zoya to work smarter, feel better, allow you to invest your way, and be easier to use.
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Find halal stocks with Zoya
“Zoya is revolutionizing halal investing by empowering Muslims to make conscious investment decisions.”
Safeer M, Cordoba Funds

Your halal investing copilot

With Zoya, you can...
Access shariah compliance reports for over 7,000 US and Canadian stocks instantly
Monitor a watchlist of stocks you’re interested in buying
Receive email alerts when the compliance status of a stock changes
Find shariah compliant alternatives to non-compliant stocks
Coming Soon
Access shariah compliance reports for over 30,000 international stocks
Calculate and pay zakat owed on your investments instantly
Connect your brokerage account to auto-sync and monitor your holdings

Trusted by thousands

Since launching our beta in 2019, we've received countless unsolicited emails from Zoya users with stories of how our service has helped them.
"I have seen many attempts to do what you have beautifully done with this app. May Allah bless and reward you!"
- Malek B.
"Love this app! My go-to guide for halal investing!"
- Hassan S.
"This app works exactly as intended. A must have for anyone interested in halal investing."
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"Absolutely love this app!! Easy to use and straightforward."
- Adnan U.
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- Sohaib Q.
"Jazakallah Khair for creating such app. Love it."
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- Muhammad U.
"This is a great app and will be extremely useful to our community."
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